Baking is known to be therapeutic, many people start joining baking lesson to release their daily work stress and also strengthen their mind and body. As baking lesson require creativity, patience, persistence in learning, all these help in shaping a person. In addition, baking for the loved one to taste it will boost up human relationship as well. We believe everyone shall learn how to bake, as our baking lesson are catered for everyone regardless of age. It doesn’t matter whether you are children, adults or senior citizen, you can have the fun of baking to share your love to your special one especially during special occasion.


quesFor sure, professional and high quality of baking classes are important in order specifically tailored to the needs and requirement of each person, so it can aid in leading you to make the best of it. Indeed, there are many baking lesson centres in Kuala Lumpur. Engage a qualified and getting suitable baking class may not be an easy task, it’s challenging especially if you have limited time slots available.

In addition, it is not secure to join a baking lesson without knowing the proper background. Without any recommendation from your family or friends, you might expect the quality of baking lesson may not as good as you go to verify. It’s always the smarter choice to compare ratings and quotations from different baking lesson.

Indeed, how much time can you allocate to search for a good baking lesson that will charge within your budget? Accountability of tutor is also one of the safety issue to take note.

Many of our baking lesson agencies have experienced teachers who attained diplomas and dedicated to provide high quality Baking lessons in Kuala Lumpur. Our baking class tailored for people from different background either from beginner to advance experience in baking.

In most of our baking lessons, students would learn a combination of both theory and practical baking tips.

These are the Baking Lessons in Kuala Lumpur:baking

  1. American Pie Baking Class
  2. Bread Baking Class
  3. Cake Baking Class
  4. Cupcake Baking Class
  5. French Baking Class 
  6. Pastry Baking Class
  7. Macaron Baking Class
  8. Mooncake Baking Class

Baking Lesson Malaysia is a One-Stop Solution aimed to aid people to search and join Baking Lesson conveniently. Our service providers are screened in ensuring all the service providers have highly qualified baking lesson tutors to provide their best quality and values to customers.

Registered Company

Service provider joining are screened and registered with The Companies Commission of Malaysia or Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

Baking Class Service Provider

We provide high quality Baking Class in Malaysia for you. We have baking class provider across Malaysia, so that you have more chance to join the class in different state of Malaysia.

Good Quality of Customer Service

We work closely with customer for their preferred baking class choice. And provide high quality of baking class at affordable price. 

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