Cake baking lesson is getting more popular in Malaysia recently, as it is very interactive class and you can put your creative idea in making the ideal cake style that you want ! Rating for this cake baking lesson is quite high as most of them enjoy this class so much.

Homemade cake has many added advantage over cake bought at outside.

Higher Quality

Cakes from stores are normally in frozen, so you might not know how long the cakes already stored in the fridge.
You might never taste as good as a cake which fresh from oven. In addition, normally cakes are flavored to be sweet and sugary. With homemade cake, you can control the sugar level and all the ingredients. A homemade cake definitely will far surpass a cake bought from store in term of both ingredient and flavor quality.

Cheaper in price

One of factor to compare homemade cakes and store bought cake is cost. There’s no doubt most of the cake bought from store would be kinda high in price, especially if you want to have a cake customized for a special event. But for cake that bake at home can significantly lower the cost and price of having a cake. And, you can decorate your homemade cake, the options are limited by your imagination.

Create Interaction

For sure, homemade cake can made together with a person, and the process of making the cake definitely can create sweet memories with that particular person. Sometime arduous process of baking the cake can typically fueled by the thought of seeing the recipient’s expression when the confectionary marvel is finally unveiled or when they have their first bite from it. So start to make a cake to your loved one now !

Customize for people who suffer from allergy

With cake baking skills, you can control precisely all the ingredients and what goes into the cake mix. This is specially care for family or friends that have allergies in certain food. It is sometime kinda difficult to find a store bought cake that doesn’t include the specific ingredient. Baking a cake at home let you to customize the flavor which is not that feasible with the cake bought from store or bakery.

Nevertheless, you will definitely enjoy our cake baking class and going to have a lot of fun. You can participate in cake baking classes with friends and family.


So are you ready to apply your creativity in making a cake, utilize the full functionality of your oven, and have your friends eat your handmade cakes whenever they want.

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