Have you ever think of baking your delicious and well-decorated cupcake? You’ll able to learn the art and science of making the tasty and well-designed cupcakes by enrolling in our Cupcake Baking Class. We have a variety of cupcake baking lessons that are suitable for everyone. Whether you are looking for recreational activity or you want to become a professional chef, please feel free to join our cupcake baking lessons.


Our cupcake baking class for an amateur only last for a maximum of 4 hours and you’ll be able to learn a lot of cupcake baking style. If you have a dream to become professional chef, take your first step towards your dream right here. There are still plenty of courses out there but cupcake baking skills will be essential for you as you go along the way.

So what you can learn when you are enrolled in our cupcake baking lesson? You’re able to equip yourself with the following skills.


You’ll learn about putting full attention to a small cupcake in order to make it full with flavour and aesthetic value.


Making cupcakes may not be as easy as what people might think. Although the task might look easy but when you’re dealing the mixer and the right consistency requires sharp observation and a lot of attention to small details.

Matching Ability 

In order to make the perfect icing, the mixing and matching process will be essential. By joining our cupcake baking class, our participants will get to learn the process of creating tasty icing with the right amount of butter of sugar.

Time Management

As for baking or even any type of cooking, the time is always the crucial component out there. For cupcake baking class, the timing of making the icing while waiting for the cupcake to be baked have to be controlled precisely.


Ready to enroll for Cupcake Baking Class?


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