Macaron is a French confection made with icing sugar, almond powder , egg white and different food coloring. It has different fillings, such as buttercream, jam filling, ganache, etc.

Macarons can be found in wide variety of flavors like vanilla, rose, etc.

If you have chance to go Paris, you can try the macarons from Ladurée, Hermes, and Fauchon. Macarons are the most famous and best taste in France.

From time to time, Macarons spreading all over the world. Even now in Malaysia, most of the cafes are offering and promoting their own made macaron.

Whenever you have a chance to taste Macarons, there are 10 signs of a bad Macaron shared by Kathy.

1. Huge air bubble inside the cookie.

2. Cookie shells that separate from the cookie itself.

3. Excessive coloring

4. Substituting ground almonds for pistachios in pistachio macarons

5. The almond extract issue

6. Dry and crunchy in the most unpleasant way

7. Macarons that are too big or too small

8. Almond flour not ground finely enough

9. Too much sugar

10. Too little filling


Are you like us, obsessed by these sweet, colorful, looks good and delicious Macarons?


If you want to know and learn how to make your very own Macarons, then this is the class for you !
Class hours will be cater to you, hours of Macaron Class focus on the creation from beginning to finish these colourful pasteries. Students are divided into groups and have a chance to work through steps from ingredients and then finish with a box of beautiful macarons for you to share with your families and friends !

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