For most of the foodies around the world, mooncakemooncake festival can be related to the autumn season which they are able to enjoy the creamy, delicious and fruity mooncake together with a cup of hot tea. Mooncake is considered as the Chinese festive food item which has become the trending food and a common item that everyone will have at this point of time. Every bakery and confectionery will have their own unique version of mooncake during the autumn season as well.

Out of all the unique version of mooncake that created by the bakery and confectionery, Snow Skin mooncakes is one of the trending version of mooncake. It is prepared by using two sets of ingredients which the first set of ingredients is used to prepare the mooncake whereas the second set of the ingredients is used to prepare the fillings. At this point of time, Snow Skin Mooncake is one of the famous Asian desserts.

As you know so many facts about mooncake, have you ever think of having the ability to bake a flavorsome, perfect and delicious mooncake in your house? You’re able to make the mooncake with much simplicity without creating a huge mess in your kitchen, can you imagine the happiness of all your family members?

In our mooncake baking class, we will teach you the required basic sets of skills in order to let you kick start your mooncake baking journey confidently. Our aim is to provide easy, simple & step by step directions for you to approach the mooncake baking process.



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